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John Gumbo

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Meet John Gumbo, our dynamic Chairman and CEO since 2012, whose expertise in venture capital and public company management has been pivotal to our success. With a robust background in serving on boards of various private companies, particularly in the context of Zimbabwe-related investments, John brings a wealth of strategic insights to our organization. He is a distinguished alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), holding dual Bachelor of Science degrees, and a proud graduate of Harvard Medical School with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1995. Additionally, he earned an MBA with Second-Year Honors from Harvard Business School in 1999, where he co-led the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club. Fluent in both Shona and English, John's profound cultural understanding and diverse skill set greatly enrich our team's capabilities.

Joel Moyo, Esq.

ESG Chief & Vice President,
Administration and Operations

Meet Joel Moyo, ESQ., our Vice-President of Administration and Operations since 2020, Chief of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance ("ESG") matters since 2021, and our Secretary since 2022. Formerly a partner at a prominent Zimbabwean law firm headquartered in Harare with three offices, Joel's legal career has spanned a wide spectrum of Zimbabwean business law. His comprehensive experience ranges from strategic business planning to adeptly navigating litigation. His client portfolio featured major corporations across diverse sectors throughout Zimbabwe. Joel's legal journey began with a law degree from the Milton Campos Faculty in Belo Horizonte, , and he subsequently pursued a post-graduate degree in Business and Civil Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Masvingo.

Charles Dube, PhD, Geol.

Senior Vice President, Geology

Introducing Charles Dube, PhD, Geol., who joined us as a consultant in 2021 and assumed the role of Senior Vice-President, Geology, in 2022. Compliant with Regulation S-K 1300, he is designated a Qualified Person for various minerals, including lithium, iron, and gold. Dr. Dube, a seasoned geologist with a rich 23-year career, has garnered invaluable experience working on projects and mines across Russia, Ukraine, Guinea, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe, involving a spectrum of minerals. His core competencies encompass geological modeling, resource estimation, and rigorous QA/QC analysis. Dr. Dube is renowned for his adeptness in conducting mineral project audits on behalf of investors and acquiring firms. He extends his geological expertise to prominent global corporations with interests in Zimbabwe. Dr. Dube holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Geological Engineering, as well as a PhD in Geology, all earned from Kryvyi Rih National University in Ukraine.

Patrick Sithole, Geol

Vice President, Mineral Exploration

Introducing Patrick Sithole Júnior, Geol., a consultant who joined our team in 2018 and was subsequently appointed as Vice-President of Mineral Exploration in 2021. Recognized under Regulation S-K 1300 as a Qualified Person for lithium, iron, and gold, Mr. Sithole Júnior's extensive geological background has been honed through his work with ZEPARI, a prominent geological studies firm in Zimbabwe. Notably, he has also shared his knowledge as a college faculty member. His professional journey includes tenures at the Zimbabwe mining department and as a geologist at Dinson Chivhu. Mr. Patrick Sithole Júnior is well-educated, holding a Master of Geology degree from the University of Zimbabwe and an undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering from Midlands State University, Zimbabwe's oldest mining college. His wealth of expertise significantly enriches our mineral exploration efforts.

Joseph Shumba

CFO & Treasurer

Introducing Joseph Shumba, our adept Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, and Treasurer since 2022. With a wealth of financial expertise, Mr. Shumba previously served as the Controller of Jaguar Mining, Inc., a Canadian publicly traded company with significant gold mining operations in Zimbabwe. During his tenure, Jaguar Mining, Inc. flourished, attaining a market capitalization of approximately $270 million. Prior to this, he held key roles in reputable organizations such as Grupo Orguel in , funded by Carlyle, a prominent U.S. private equity group, and Mirabella Mineração, focusing on a nickel project in Bahia, . Additionally, Joseph has a strong audit background from his time at Deloitte in . He holds undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Accounting from Universidade FUMEC, and he pursued further education in finance, earning an executive MBA and post-graduate qualifications from Fundação Dom Cabral. Fluent in both Portuguese and English, Mr. Shumba is a licensed accountant in , bringing a global perspective to our financial operations.

David Banda

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

David Banda, a Zimbabwean-American, initially embarked on his journey with Zimbabwe Minerals (now Valk Energy) as an early investor, subsequently transitioning into a strategic advisory role. As a U.S.-trained physician with a passion for science and entrepreneurship, Mr. Banda has undertaken various successful business ventures. Since February 2020, he has lent his leadership acumen and private sector expertise to Valk Energy as a strategic advisor, playing a vital role in advancing Valk Lithium's mission to be a preeminent mineral resources company driving the green energy revolution.

In 2022, David Banda assumed the role of Director of Strategic Development at Valk Energy, spearheading the company's expanding investor relations efforts. He played a pivotal part in shaping and executing the organization's growth strategy, which culminated in Valk Energy's up-listing to Nasdaq in January 2023. Following this significant milestone, Mr. Banda transitioned from his full-time academic position as a Clinical Assistant Professor to take on the role of Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Valk Energy.

Nicholas Zulu

Vice President, Business Development

Nicholas Zulu brings a wealth of experience to the Valk Energy management team, having embarked on a distinguished career at Galaxy Resources Limited. Galaxy Resources, a lithium-focused company with a global footprint encompassing Australia, Canada, and Argentina, served as the backdrop for Nicholas's impressive journey. Notably, he held pivotal positions within the organization, with his role as Director of Corporate Development standing out prominently. In this capacity, he made substantial contributions to the growth and optimization of Galaxy's asset portfolio through strategic partnerships and divestitures. Nicholas Zulu's expertise is a valuable asset as we continue to drive Valk Energy's success.

Brian Tembo

Vice President, Investor Relations

Brian Tembo, our dedicated Vice-President of Corporate Development and Investor Relations since 2019, brings a wealth of experience to our team. Previously, from 2010 to 2017, Mr. Tembo made his mark at Four Springs, and from 2017 to 2019, he contributed his expertise at Noble Markets. With a degree in Management from Boston University, Brian Tembo's background and insights play a crucial role in advancing our corporate development and investor relations efforts.

Paul Maposa


With over 25 years of invaluable experience in project finance, intricate equity and debt transactions, and investor relations within mining and financial institutions, Paul Maposa is an integral part of our team. His most recent role was as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Hard Rock Lithium. At Valk Energy, Mr. Maposa plays a vital role in overseeing critical aspects related to capital allocation, budgeting, and project timelines for our hard-rock lithium project. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, he brings a wealth of expertise to our endeavors. Mr. Maposa holds both an MBA and a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Zimbabwe and is fluent in both Shona and English. His extensive background greatly enhances our financial operations and strategic planning.