Nickel-Cobalt I

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Nickel and Cobalt
5,961 Acres
Paved highway, water, nearby electrical power grid

Situated within the Shangani greenstone belt, our Nickel-Cobalt I Properties exhibit an abundance of intrusions enriched with heavy elements. The mineralized deposits in this region are formed through processes involving supergene enrichment and soil development, which stem from ultramafic rocks within mantle intrusions. These distinctive conditions enable the development of significant soil layers characterized by elevated concentrations of Nickel and Cobalt.

Why Nickel and Cobalt?

Nickel and cobalt serve as essential metals for batteries, particularly during the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. Cobalt holds a prominent position among the 35 critical minerals essential for the economic and national security of the United States, exerting a substantial influence on the performance of EV batteries. In essence, increased amounts of nickel and cobalt enhance the energy density of EV batteries, allowing for more extensive energy storage. To underscore their significance, EVs equipped with high-energy-density batteries can cover greater distances before needing a recharge.