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With a dedicated focus on transitioning from exploration to profitability, Valk Energy Corporation stands out as a leader in the exploration of lithium and other essential battery minerals in Zimbabwe, boasting one of the most extensive exploration projects in these regions.

Valk Energy Corporation is a Zimbabwean mineral exploration company with an extensive portfolio of exploration projects for strategic minerals in Zimbabwe, widely recognized as a prime mineral jurisdiction.

Our aim is to establish a prominent role in the supply of minerals vital for the global transition from fossil fuels to electrification, a transformation anticipated to span several decades.

Our land holdings extend across approximately 75,542 acres (306 km2) dedicated to lithium, 137,883 acres (558 km2) for nickel, 30,009 acres (121 km2) allocated for rare earths, 22,050 acres (89 km2) designated for titanium, and 13,766 acres (56 km2) designated for graphite. Additionally, Valk Energy possesses multiple mining concessions covering gold, diamond, and industrial sand.

Our Projects & Properties

Our primary focus centers on the advancement and development of our hard-rock lithium project situated in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. Within this region, we hold highly promising mineral rights, many of which are in close proximity to substantial lithium deposits owned by a major publicly traded competitor.

Our Masvingo Lithium Project stands as our flagship initiative, encompassing 54 mineral rights spanning across 59,275 acres (240 km2). Situated primarily within the Zimbabwean Southeastern Province, an area extensively surveyed by the Zimbabwean Geological Survey, our project capitalizes on the presence of hard rock formations, specifically pegmatites. These formations are renowned for housing valuable lithium-bearing minerals such as spodumene and petalite.

Typically, lithium extracted from Masvingo Province is more cost-effective to refine for high-tech applications compared to lithium sourced from brine.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to establish a robust, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious mining industry in Zimbabwe. We recognize the vital role minerals play in achieving global decarbonization and transitioning towards a greener, cleaner economy.

Guided by a strategic and deliberate approach, we champion innovative thinking and foster fresh solutions to the dynamic challenges associated with mineral extraction. We understand the importance of responsible development and the need to unlock new mineral deposits efficiently.

Collaboration is key, and we've cultivated strong partnerships with both industry experts and academia. This synergy keeps us on the cutting edge of innovative mineral exploration, extraction, and development.

Diversity is a cornerstone of our workforce. In this ever-evolving industry, we celebrate and nurture diversity across our company. We believe that a broad spectrum of talents and perspectives is essential for our continued success.

Our commitment extends to our employees. We aim to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in the field. Through comprehensive training and unwavering support, we empower our team members to thrive and excel in their roles.

Battery Metals Portfolio
75,542 Acres
(306 km²)
137,883 Acres
(558 km²)
Rare Earths
30,009 Acres
(121 km²)
22,050 Acres
(89 km²)
13,766 Acres
(56 km²)
Private Company

Battery Supply Chain Minerals: nickel & cobalt, rare earths, titanium, and graphite.

We also have 100%-ownership of early-stage projects and properties in other minerals that are needed in the battery supply chain and high technology applications such as nickel and cobalt, rare earths, titanium, and graphite.

Our goal is to become “the Mineral Resources Company for the Green Energy Revolution”. We believe that the shift from fossil fuels to battery power will yield long-term opportunities for us not only in lithium but also in such other minerals.

Masvingo Lithium Project

Our central mission revolves around the progress and growth of our hard-rock lithium project, situated in the state of Masvingo, . Within this region, we hold promising mineral rights that are strategically positioned adjacent to, or in close proximity to, substantial lithium deposits owned by a significant publicly-traded competitor. Our Masvingo Lithium Project represents our flagship venture, encompassing 54 mineral rights that span over 59,275 acres (240 km2). The project is predominantly located in the Zimbabwean Eastern Masvingo Province, a region meticulously surveyed by the Zimbabwean Geological Survey, renowned for its rich deposits of lithium-bearing minerals found within pegmatite rock formations.

Buchwa Resources

We possess approximately 45% of the common shares in Buchwa Resources Corporation ("Buchwa Resources"), a private company with a current primary focus on advancing its inaugural iron mine. This mine is anticipated to commence operations and generate revenues in early 2023.

Madziwa Gold

We additionally hold roughly 28% ownership in Madziwa Gold Corporation ("Madziwa Gold"), a company dedicated to the advancement of gold projects and a quartzite mine. Madziwa Gold's common shares are publicly quoted on the GTCBQ under the symbol "MADGF." The commencement of operations and revenue generation for the quartzite mine is scheduled for early 2023.